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Indie Couture - ALIFE-002


Classic boutique indie rock and pop.


Paul Borg, Pat Murdoch, Tim Wills

Funky MonkeyQuirky synths, acoustic guitars, live drums with cool synth melody.
USAGE: road trip, lifestyle, city chic, exhilarating, makeover MOOD: confident, feelgood, energetic
On The HorizonCool summery acoustic guitars, bleepy synths with dreamy vocals, drum machine and live drums.
USAGE: lifestyle, fashion, home, makeover, corporate MOOD: fresh, energetic, driving, feelgood, positive
Road TripDriving drums with arpeggiated synths and cool guitar melodies building to epic chorus.
USAGE: daytime, makeover, lifestyle, fashion, sport MOOD: positive, feelgood, confident, driving, fresh, optimistic
Supersize MeDriving bass piano, with cool indie guitars and quirky synths.
USAGE: lifestyle, sports, road trip, home, corparate MOOD: upbeat, confident, optimistic, positive, cheeky
Laidback & RadRetro vibes on demand. Cool and quirky indie funk breaks into positive chorus with male BVs.
USAGE: tv drama, leisure, makeover, cooking, human interest MOOD: cool, retro, positive, feelgood, choices, urban, optimistic
Sunshine GirlsStraight ahead indie guitars with cool synth melodies heading to string laden chorus hooks.
USAGE: road trip, corparate, lifestyle, sports, fashion MOOD: confident, upbeat, positive, feelgood, fresh
Have A GoBouncy bass with funky guitars, cool keys and quirky synths.
USAGE: lifestyle, fashion, documentry, corparate, makeover MOOD: upbeat, positive, confident, optimistic, fresh
SunriseEpic indie production with a British heritage develops into positive sun-drenched optimism from 1:38 with vocal touches at end.
USAGE: promotional, fashion, youth, lifestyle, road trip, serial drama MOOD: driving, quirky, corparate, blue sky, energetic, attitude
IndependanceSpacious guitar melodies, with strident strings building to lush piano melodies.
USAGE: lifestyle, road trip, corparate, cooking MOOD: gentle, optimistic, positive, uplifting, fresh
Get Your AttentionBouncy bass with vox samples, funky rhythm guitars and driving percussion.
USAGE: sports, lifestyle, road trip, home, corparate MOOD: confident, optimistic, positive, feelgood, fresh