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Heavy Cargo - ALIFE-003


A comprehensive volume of heavy rock and garage shakers.


Paul Borg, Pat Murdoch, Tim Wills

Helicopter GraveyardStraight-to-the-point punk rock riffing at warp speed.
USAGE: extreme sports, cars, cooking, wildlife, comedy MOOD: frantic, energetic, trashy, quirky
2:20Heavy Rock
Accept And ProceedThunderous guitar riffs over fat slabs of backbeat drums, with ominous undertones, driving towards a double-time, breakneck climax.
USAGE: sports, crime, gangster, monster truck, drama, thriller, urban grime MOOD: dark, dramatic, confident, insistent, driving, greasy
2:49Heavy Rock
I Dream Of SpiresLush and uplifting. Shoe gazing guitars and pounding drums, flying high over clouds of emotive ambience.
USAGE: fashion, travel, lifestyle, drama, nature, documentary, human interest, MOOD: emotional, contemplative, dreamy, uplifting, engaging, yearning
3:28Heavy Rock
Racing The HorizonOptimistic and high energy starting-gun guitar and drums, hurtling towards the finish line.
USAGE: sports, cooking, lifestyle, travel, MOOD: energetic, positive, competitive, fun, optimistic
2:19Heavy Rock
MonolithiumA swaggering beast, wading through the swamps of planet rock, armed with layers of guitar durge and 10-ton backbeat drums.
USAGE: drama, sci-fi, sports, heavy machinery, technology, MOOD: omnious, dark, anxious, spaced-out
2:39Heavy Rock
DeathtrapKick-heavy drum intro, leading into a rootsy guitar and bass riff, with spaced out guitars swirling in the distance.
USAGE: technology, documentary, exploration, MOOD: confident, energetic, urban
2:44Heavy Rock
Marching OrdersEarth-threatening, ominous intro, leading to tribal drums and distorted riffing and other-worldy guitar leads.
USAGE: military, documentary, technology, sci-fi, sports, MOOD: tribal, spooky, ominous, heavy
2:31Heavy Rock
Balls To The WallWherever it is, it's getting there fast, in denim and leather. Straight up rockin' with the clue in the name.
USAGE: sports, travel, urban, fashion, food, MOOD: upbeat, energetic, confident, frenetic.
2:27Heavy Rock
ObeliskA heavy mix of big riffing and driving acoustic guitars, accompanied by some backbeat funk-rock drums.
USAGE: sports, lifestyle, cars, travel, documentary, MOOD: positive, confident, uplifting, high-energy.
2:22Heavy Rock
Hand In HandHopeful acoustic intro, with lush and breezy electric guitar, ascending a mountain of triumphant choruses.
USAGE: travel, documentary, lifestyle, MOOD: triumphant, inspiring, positive.
2:51Heavy Rock