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Acoustic Space - ALIFE-005


Soundscapes of acoustic inspiration.


Paul Borg, Pat Murdoch, Tim Wills

MantraStrong and hypnotic six and twelve string guitar with swirling ambience.
USAGE: travel, wildlife, human interest, documentary, cooking MOOD: emotive, positive, road trip, explorative
Desert SkiesAtmospheric drone with sparse and thoughtful dobro guitar riffs.
USAGE: travel, documentary, thriller, drama, nature MOOD: dark, contemplative, mysterious, foreboding
HypnoticGentle acoustic guitars with atmospherics and simple backbeat drums building to soft horn melodies.
USAGE: travel, documentary, human interest, lifestyle MOOD: thoughtful, forward motion, floating, hopeful
Looking OutMournful picking accoustic guitar building to positive chorus featuring echoing electric guitars.
USAGE: drama, biographies, nature, documentary MOOD: thoughtful, emotive, mournful, laid-back, wistful, reflective
River RiderHappy-go-lucky acoustic guitars winding down the open road.
USAGE: travel, nature, cooking, documentary MOOD: happy, laid-back, summertime, light-hearted
SkyflowerThoughtful and introspective melodic lines over lush acoustic guitars.
USAGE: drama, travel, human interest, lifestyle MOOD: thoughtful, reflective, laid-back, emotive
Heading Out WestOptimistic guitars with cascading arpeggios and dreams of the highway.
USAGE: travel, documentary, nature, human interest MOOD: emotive, reflective, thoughtful, laid-back, hopeful
Out On The TrailA confident and determined acoustic guitar riff with eyes on the prize.
USAGE: drama, road trip, biographies, nature, thriller MOOD: contemplative, moody, mysterious, suspense
Forward MotionPositive-thinking, yet impatient melodies over steady acoustic guitars.
USAGE: travel, documentary, nature, human interest, road trip MOOD: upbeat, driving, positive, hopeful
Happy As LarryHappy and jaunty melodies over cheeky acoustic guitars with a spring in their step.
USAGE: travel, documentary, nature, road trip, human interest MOOD: upbeat, quirky, hopeful, positive outlook, light-hearted